Tony Maguaje Foundation is focused on creating a knowledge based economy in the Niger Delta transforming the minds of the people to focus more on their human and mental productivity instead of expecting benefits from the Oil resources in the land.

Our mission is to train the people : the young girls the young high school graduates into entrepreneurs of high mental and innovative value creators; thereby creating a business district with innovative Solutions with business and commercial values both for the immediate community, the nation Africa and the world at large.

Principal Partners


Tony Maguaje is young entrepreneur with an Electrical engineering background. Started his first company IPComms Networks Limited in 2004 after working with the leading IT company in Nigeria for 4 yrs. Went to the Harvard Business School in 2010 for the Owners President Management Programme after which he started his second company Marolls Engineering which provides solutions and services to the Power Sector in Nigeria.

He is an alumni of the Harvard Kennedy School where he has done several leadership programmes and the Innovation For Economic Development Program.; he is also an Alumni of the Harvard Business School.

Today he is the chairman of Marolls Group with a number of other companies as subsidiaries.

He established the Tony Maguaje Foundation as meansof creating a vehicle to carry out innovative projects for the greater and general good of humanity.


1. Ms. Anna Lucia Alfaro
Senior Innovation Advisor
Ministry Of Economy Government of Guatemala

Alumni  Harvard Kennedy School of Government


2. Mrs Kristin Kierulf

Chairman Caretech

Alumni Harvard Kennedy School of Government


3. Mr Jeffrey Willis

Chairman Emma Hills LLC
Lagrange Georgia.

Harvard Business School.